December 25, 2020

Top Paving Contractors in Los Angeles Eminent Pavers Gives Tips to Choose the Best Paver Color for Your Project

Eminent Pavers is an award winner pavers installer. Specializing in the design & installation of high quality paving stones for driveway, patios & pool decks.

Once you’re done picking the project’s primary specifications, design ideas, style, you need to quickly jump to selecting the color palette for the pavers.

The decision to add pavers to your residence is a crucial step. And no, not because the task is huge and tedious - all big work can be taken care of by paver companies in LA. It is an important step because the right choice can completely transform the look of your property, while a wrong move can tarnish the entire curb appeal!

Whether you are getting pavers installed while constructing your new home or remodeling the space, there are a few decisions that you need to make. Once you’re done picking the project’s primary specifications, design ideas, style, you need to quickly jump to selecting the color palette for the pavers. No matter whether you find the task gruesome or extremely appealing, it’s to be done with caution; the decision can literally make or break your project.

Tips to Choose the Best Paver Color for Your Project

Before jumping into the task, have a look at the following tips to choose the paver color rightly -

  • Do Your Research and Know Your Options

Not every patio installation company in LA keeps a high-end variety of options in color and quality. Many manufacturers outsource the materials. The options would be available on the basis of the regions of their outsourcer.

Before starting the project, meet the project handler and talk about your requirements. Be clear from the start and let them know of your specific needs, if any. Have a look at their collection beforehand even if you aren’t sure what you want to get. It will give you clarity and you’d know what’s coming your way. No unexpected surprises!

Also, hire a paver installation in Los Angeles who are open to exploring ideas and have a creative side to their work.

  • Start With Laying Down All the Information About Your Property

Whether you are constructing a new site, renovating, or only getting paver installation to amp up your outdoor space, lay down all the details about your property at the very start. Every space is different and is equipped with specific features. To not end up with contracting features, you should let the paver company know everything in advance.

To keep the colors of your patio rich and vibrant for years, share details about -

  • The lighting system on the space where the patio is being installed.

  • The enormity of the exposure of the required area to the rainwater.

  • Any exceptional usage of the desired space.

  • Choose the Right Color Tone

Consider a big chunk of your work already done when you select the desired color tone for your project. The two broad color tones are light and dark color palettes. We’d recommend here to not take this decision on the basis of your personal choices. Instead, look for the color schemes that’ll complement the other exterior elements of your house.

Take the following things into consideration before choosing the color tone-

  • Architectural style and color scheming of surrounding elements

  • The purpose of the space - pool patio goes well with light shades of the blue; barbequing and party patio space blend in well with dark colors.

  • The vibe you want to attract - Light shades reflect the idea of openness and invite people. They go well with the natural landscape as well. Dark shades give away the idea of inclusivity, calm, and coziness.

  • Decide Whether You Want Single Color or Multi-Colored Pavers

The next decision to make is whether you want to go monotone or mix-match a variety of colors. It totally depends on your taste.

Monotone colors give a rich, modern, and sleek look. The complete area extended to the same shade of the color palette will give a uniformity to the aesthetics. A multi-colored theme would brighten up space and make it look lively, colorful, and cheery. They’ll bring in variety and creativity.

While monotone paver shows both large and small stains very clearly, multi-colored pavers blend in easily and do not highlight stains

  • Give Contrasting Colors a Try

Most people like to go with simplicity and do not opt for anything which is too out of line. Even while experimenting, some boundaries to colors and patterns are maintained. But if you are up to including something exciting and out of the box, give contrasting colors a try. It’d give a bold look to your space. If going too bold is not your forté, you can simply go for a contrasting effect on the borders.

  • Ask for Samples and Examples

Once you decide the color combination you want, talk to your paver contractor. Do not take the final plunge before looking at the samples and past work examples. It is very much possible that you like a color shade in imagination but it might not turn out pleasing to your eye or your choice.

Take the Final Call

At last, the only thing that matters is your ultimate choice. It’s the job of the paver companies to turn your imagination into reality.

To not be disappointed with your results, hire the best paver contractor in Los Angeles. Eminent Pavers are one of the best pavers installations in LA. We are committed to providing high-quality services to our clients. Explore our style and patterns and book a consultation call whenever you feel. We’d be happy to help you.

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