November 21, 2020

Paver Sealant: Seal Pavers or Not? Learn by Los Angeles Paving Sealing Expert Mark Ovitch Owner Eminent Pavers LA

A sealant will protect your pavers from erosion, weeds, mold, or mildew, fading from the sun, ants, and discoloring from spills.

"Sealing pavers can also help to keep them from shifting and gaping."  Los Angeles Paving Sealing Expert - Mark Ovitch

Once you’ve had pavers installed, you’ll need to think about sealing pavers. We provide this service to give you the best craftsmanship possible.

Paver sealing helps to protect your pavers and keeps them looking beautiful for years to come. A sealant will protect your pavers from erosion, weeds, mold, or mildew, fading from the sun, ants, and discoloring from spills. Sealing pavers can also help to keep them from shifting and gaping.

Sealing Pavers Protects your Investment

Sealing pavers isn’t a difficult process, but there are a few things to keep in mind. One is that the quality of the sealant you choose will greatly affect how often you have to reapply and the level of protection your pavers have.

A sealant made by a company that specializes in pavers will give better results than a generic as only the best products should be used. Some generic sealers will leave a cloudy film, which lessens the pavers' beauty, dulling their look. Sealers come in several finishes, so you should also think about whether you want a glossy finish, leaving your pavers with a permanent wet look or a more natural look with a matte finish.

Although sealing pavers may look easy, there are a few tricky things to get right if you’re not familiar with and trained in the process. Temperature and weather can affect how the sealant should be applied, and the wrong application can ruin a well-laid driveway or patio.

For that reason, a qualified, respected company like Eminent Pavers should be used to give you the best results for sealing pavers and help protect your investment, keeping it beautiful over time. Give Eminent Pavers a call to set up a complimentary consultation!

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