August 13, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Pattern and Finish for Your Pavers by LA Paving Contractor

Learn the basic pattern and finishing options you have to choose from, as well as offering suggestions as to which types of pavers are suited explains Los Angeles Paving Company Eminent Pavers.

When it comes to finishing a driveway, patio, pool deck, or other outdoor areas with a set of high quality paving stones, the combinations of patterns and finishes you have to choose from are seemingly endless. Pavers, or paving stones, are exterior materials that are used to make driveways, patios, paths, garden beds, pool decks, and more. In this guide, we explain the basic pattern and finishing options you have to choose from, as well as offering suggestions as to which types of pavers are suited to which kinds of projects.

Why Is Paving Stone the Best Option? 

Firstly, let’s look at why pavers are the best choice for outdoor renovation and addition projects. With the variety of materials and installation, pavers aren’t the only option. You can also choose concrete, flagstone, and asphalt, among others. Choosing paving stones from a reputable Southern California pavers installation service has multiple advantages. Here are the factors that set pavers apart from its alternatives and make them the most viable choice for any project.


As you’ll see below, pavers have the obvious aesthetic advantage over concrete and asphalt, because they come in a variety of customizable colors, patterns, finishes, and more. 


The rustic look of flagstone is very appealing, but since it’s a natural product, options for customization are limited. With pavers, however, you can choose the perfect option to exactly match and complement other aspects of your outdoor space. If you’re attracted to the natural look, you can choose from a selection of flagstone pavers, which are made to look like natural stone without the durability and maintenance issues. 


Aside from a wide range of beautiful appearances, pavers are significantly more durable and easier to maintain than flagstone and concrete. Flagstone is delicate and susceptible to many sources of damage, including traffic, moisture, and even sun exposure. Because it’s a natural material, finding a matching piece for a replacement is sometimes impossible. When concrete is cracked or damaged, the entire slab has to be replaced, but if a paving stone is damaged, only the affected stone needs to be removed. Overall, pavers are more durable and easier to maintain as compared to concrete and flagstone.


When installed with expert care and knowledge, pavers provide a high return on investment. In addition to being durable and low on maintenance costs, pavers add to curb appeal, and therefore to the overall value of your home. 

Remember: To gain these benefits and more, be sure that you have your pavers installed by an experienced, highly-reviewed Los Angeles area paving company. To ensure the quality of materials and installation, check for ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Certified) certification.  

Types of Pavers Patterns

Ashlar Pavers. 

This kind of paving is characterized by pavers of cut to different specifications, laid out in a seemingly random, mosaic-like pattern of the different lengths and sizes. Because of its eye-catching nature, this paving pattern is ideal for anywhere highly visible, and can also stand up to high traffic. Perfect for: pool decks, driveways. 

Basketweave Pavers.

The combination of alternating vertical and horizontal pairs of rectangular stones creates an effect similar to the pattern of woven basket. This pattern of paving is inviting and rustic, reminiscent of Old World or colonial landscaping design, and is easy to install. Perfect for: patios, driveways, and entryways.

Circular Pavers. 

Pavers arranged in a circular pattern can be used to draw the eye to the centerpiece of an area. The pattern can extend out as far as needed, or be complemented by other arrangements and patterns of paving stones. You can also have quarter-and half-circles installed to meet the needs of your project. Perfect for: driveways, patios. 

Herringbone Pavers. 

With pavers laid in opposite directions at 45 or 90-degree angles to create a series of interlocking “V” shapes, this is a popular choice for outdoor areas because of its lasting strength and durability under high traffic. Perfect for: walkways, driveways. 

‘I’ Pattern Pavers.

In addition to a myriad of other shapes and motifs, one popular paver design is a repeating pattern of six stones arranged in the shape of a capital “I.” This pattern creates stunning and visually engaging symmetry. Perfect for: walkways, open spaces. 

Running Bond Pavers. 

Running bond pavers are laid in a linear pattern side-by-side, specifically designed to give the illusion of smaller areas being larger. Different off-sets of the rows of paving stones can create brick-like patterns for visual variation. This kind of paving is visually effective and easy to install. The simplicity of the pattern also makes it durable to high traffic. Perfect for: pathways, small areas.

Types of Pavers Finishes


Elegant and sophisticated, beveling details provide each stone with a border on the top surface, subtly setting each stone apart from the next to create pleasing symmetry. Aside from aesthetic function, beveling makes paving stones quick and easy to replace. Perfect for: garden areas, pool decks. 

Flat Top / Smooth. 

These pavers closely resemble the bricks used in older buildings, and on the streets of historic cities such as Chicago. Made from flat-cut stone slabs, flat top pavers are highly versatile and durable despite their rugged aesthetic. Perfect for: driveways. 


Textured pavers come in a wide variety of patterns, because some textures occur naturally, while others are deliberately added retroactively. If you’re in search of a natural look, textured pavers may be the ideal fit. Depending on how you use them, they can be rustic or modern chic. Perfect for: patios.


Tumbled pavers are designed to look natural and rustic. As a finish that can be applied to just about any paver of your choice, tumbled pavers look older and more weathered than they are in order to imitate the historical appearance of cobblestone. Perfect for: pathways, outdoor fireplaces, or anywhere in need of rustic charm. 

Find the Right Type of Pavers for Your Project 

If you’re looking to find the right kind of pavers to perfect your Southern California patio, pool deck, driveway, outdoor fire pit, garden planters, or other outdoor projects, consult a Los Angeles-area paving professional with experience installing a wide range of pavers for different projects. 

Specializing in the design and installation of high-quality pavers, Eminent Pavers is an award-winning, fairly priced, small family-owned Southern California Paving Stone Contractor serving the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Ventura areas. Get a free design consultation for your paving transformation today.  

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