January 19, 2021

4 Common Paver Patio Problems & How Ventura County, CA Top Rated Pavers Contractor Eminent Pavers Can Help

With years of experience installing pavers, they are truly the Ventura County Pavers experts.

If you consider redecorating or renovating your home, a paver patio is a good choice to start from. However, you must have also heard a lot about the problems associated with installing one.

At Eminent Pavers, we make sure that the following problems won’t happen to any paver patio we installed as we put them into consideration before we work on a project.

The Most Known Problems with Paver Patio

4 Common Paver Patio Problems

  • Pavers Sinking in Areas

Sunken pavers not only affect the appearance of your home but also present a warning sign of bigger issues. To the facts, a sinking paver patio signifies drainage problems in your areas. This issue needs to be addressed as well as corrected to protect pavers.

It might be possible that the paver base is not prepared or installed correctly. As the base material is the most important part of the patio, it is critical to pay heed to the laying down of the base.

A perfect base requires proper excavation depending on the soil type and type. If you skip the excavation process, it might again lead to the sinking of pavers. Poor soils and other trash must be removed during excavation to restore its integrity.

Sometimes you might not excavate more than 10 inches. However, you need to keep going to get rid of old fill dirt, poor soils, and other stuff. Moreover, inferior soil can also be a sign of water issues in your house that needs your attention.

Using a good amount of fill made from crushed stone can lay the perfect foundation for the paver structure. The stones are to be graded properly and compacted to form a solid base.

If you notice sunken pavers, it might be because of improper compaction of the base material. The material can begin to lose over time, causing the paver to sink.

  • Paver Patio with Poor Drainage

As stated earlier, uncorrected drainage issues can lead to caving in of the patio, consequently causing the pavers to crack.

Furthermore, the sinking of pavers can lead to the pooling of water on the top of the patio. Pooling can also occur if the pitch is not correct. This can often lead to lowering down of areas that collect water.

However, a poor drainage system can also welcome other issues. For instance, plant beds surrounding a patio can get washed off due to water rush instead of channeling from home.

Improper drainage can also cause rainwater to collect underneath the patio destroying the structure of your home. Slowly, this can also begin to affect the inside of your home. For instance, water can get trapped and wind up in your basement leading to a lot of repair work.

  • Weed Growth in the Joints

Another common problem associated with paver patio is the weed growth in the joints. However, you can make use of special polymeric sand to resolve this issue.

This special polymeric sand is fine sand that is geared with additives, which forms a binding agent when mixed with water. Instead of using loose sand, which allows weed growth, using this sand can reduce the amount of weed breaking through.

However, polymeric sand can raise issues if not installed correctly. It may stay put leaning nothing in your joints. Eventually, your patio will be full of weeds.

In addition to sand, you can also install geotextile fabric to create a strong barrier underneath your patio. This fabric strengthens your patio’s base by acting as a bridge over the top of the soft spots.

  • Patio with Trip Hazards

An uneven paver patio can lead to dangerous trip hazards. This is most likely caused due to improper construction of the base. Due to improper compaction, the ground cannot bear the weight of the pavers and the people on top of them.

A patio with uneven gaps is bound to cause trip hazards. The additional space between pavers is caused by the faulty base as well as lack of compaction. This leads to the separation of pavers, causing gap formation. Moreover, the spaces can also be a result of poor workmanship.

So, should you be worried about pavers? No. The only thing you need to worry about is installing them with the right choice. 

Our team at Eminent Pavers can take care of all your paver needs. From installing a paver patio to maintaining or repairing it, we give complete services so that you can sit back and relax.



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